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(Posted April 13, 2023)

                                                                      TRANSPARENCY AND CONFIDENTIALITY

Your school board members and school administrators will sometimes hear issues in an Executive Session of the Board involving students or staff, litigation or labor negotiations. Executive Sessions are not open to the public because they involve highly sensitive and confidential matters protected by law. They may discuss a student discipline or staff discipline issue that cannot be shared with the public. They may receive legal advice during an executive Session that is also privileged.

Confidentiality is required by law to protect students and their families from public disclosure of school discipline decisions. Employment law also requires confidentiality of certain staff disciplinary proceedings. Labor negotiations are also covered by confidentiality rules as are most litigation proceedings. The board members and administrators are duty bound to honor confidentiality laws and are not permitted to discuss these matters with anyone.

If it seems that they are not being transparent or are “sweeping things under the rug”, I assure you that is not the case. They have no choice but to maintain the confidentiality of the parties and issues involved. Board members cannot share information about applicants for positions unless that applicant is nominated by the Superintendent for employment. The reasons why an applicant isn’t chosen for a position is also confidential. Background checks and reference checks are confidential and are not shared with anyone.

I appreciate your understanding of these issues and thank our board members and administrators for their professionalism and adherence to these laws.

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