Superintendent's Update

From Superintendent Lewis Collins


OCTOBER 5, 2020


The return to school has been far smoother than most of us had predicted. Our students, from four-year-olds in Pre-K to 17-year olds in High School have been wearing their masks, keeping socially distanced and adapting to our new “normal” as well as could ever be expected. We’re all very proud of them and realize all of the sacrifices our kids have had to make this year and last. We thank our staff for everything they’ve done to make the return to school work well and to be supportive of the needs of each and every student.


We have done so many things to make our schools safer and clean. We have hired custodians to work each day after school on cleaning and disinfecting the schools and all high-touch areas. We have installed touch-free rest faucets, soap dispensers and towel dispensers in each school. We have temperature reading kiosks and handheld temperature readers to make sure no one with a fever is staying in our schools. Our bus driver cleans and disinfects her bus after each run. We are all very mindful of washing our hands several times a day and we do it.


All three of our schools are open for in-classroom instruction five days per week. We are here for students and are making sure we get them caught up from missing in-person instructional setting for almost six full months. We are conducting assessments in reading and math to see where each student’s skills are and where we need to focus for each individual student.


This is a difficult time for everyone. 2020 will certainly go down as one of the most challenging years in our history. Our hope is to get through it, to make sure our students thrive and succeed, and to work with our communities to move forward with the best we can provide for our kids. As always, if you ever have a question or suggestion, please contact your child’s teacher, school principal, or Board Member to share your thoughts.

Lewis Collins

Superintendent of Schools

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