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Jonesport School Committee Meeting Wednesday, June 7, 2023 @ 5p.m.

(Posted May 30, 2023)

Re:  Jonesport School Committee Meeting

Place:  Jonesport Elementary Library

Date:  Wednesday June 7, 2023

Time:  5:00p.m.



1.       Call to Order and Pledge


2.       Approval of Minutes of May 3, 2023 meeting


3.      Public Comment Session (Up to 20 minutes)


4.      Second Reading of Policy


·         Policy GCF (see attached)


5.      First Reading of GCF-R (see attached)


6.      Review of Policy KFB (see attached)


7.      2023-2024 Budget Review


8.      Principal’s Report


9.      Other


10.  Adjournment (no later than 7:30p.m.)

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