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(Posted March 7, 2021)

                                                            OUR 40 YEAR- OLD SCHOOL BUILDINGS: WHAT NEEDS FIXING?


1.    Our heating and ventilation systems have worn out and need major repairs. The air in the schools is not heated evenly and not ventilated properly, leading to high carbon dioxide levels and stale air.


2.    Our school’s insulation is basically gone and worn down. We have major heat loss and wasted energy expense because of this.


3.    The lighting in our schools is old and inefficient.


4.    The High School roof is 25 years old and in dire need of replacement


                                                                                       HOW WOULD WE FIX ALL THIS?

     **Install New Ventilation Units

    **Upgrade Temperature Controls

    **Replace Old Building Lighting

    **Facility Wide Insulation Project

    **Upgrade Heating Plant and Replace Roof

                                                                  WHAT WOULD THIS COST AND HOW DO WE PAY FOR IT?

  High School Total Cost: $2,970,984   Elementary total cost: $2,579,319

  Financed over 15 years at under 3% interest.

   No impact on taxes until 2022-23.

   Using school reserve funds will reduce tax impact.

   In the highest pay-back year in 2026-27 the property tax for these  

   projects would be $380/year for a $200,000 house.

   Residents on fixed incomes would be assisted with energy efficiency projects to

   reduce their own energy costs and save money.









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