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Policy about public participation at Board meetings

April 6, 2022



All regular and special meetings of the Board shall be open to the public and the media. Because the Board desires to hear the viewpoints of citizens, and also needs to conduct its business in an orderly and efficient manner, the chairman shall be responsible for recognizing members of the public. The Board shall give due attention to comments and contributions from the audience, but shall not be expected to respond or take action immediately. Audience inquiries, other than simple questions, shall be referred to the Superintendent who shall investigate the matter and report to the citizens and Board as advisable. Unless of an emergency nature requiring immediate action by the Board, the matter shall be taken under advisement for inclusion in subsequent agendas as necessary.

A public comment period of up to twenty minutes after the Board has taken action on the last meeting’s minutes shall be provided. Individuals commenting shall be limited to a maximum of five minutes per meeting. This public comment period will be included in every agenda. The Board may decide to extend the twenty minutes public comment period upon a motion, a second and an affirmative vote to do so. If no member of the public has requested to speak, the Board meeting shall proceed per the agenda and the public comment period will be considered over.

No complaints or allegations will be allowed at Board meetings concerning any person employed by the school system or against particular students.

Personal matters or complaints concerning students or staff issues will not be considered in a public meeting by will be referred through established policies and procedures.

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