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How to address concerns or questions about your child

June 7, 2023

Many parents, during the course of a school year, may have questions or concerns about their child's situation in the classroom. There are often questions about assignments, homework, grades, or even concerns about bullying or unwanted behaviors being reported by their child. It is not at all uncommon to have questions and every parent should feel that they can address these questions with the school.

The first place to start is always with your child's teacher. You can simply email or phone the school and ask to set up a time to meet with the teacher to discuss questions and concerns. Many issues can be resolved right then and there with open discussion. If parents still feel that their questions have not been answered or their concerns addressed, they can make an appointment with the principal to dicsuss these further. The principal will try and get the information you seek and work with you and the teacher to address the issue. Most of the time, issues can involve miscommunications or misunderstandings about an incident or a classroom expectation. The principal can work with you to get your questions answered.

If the parents still feel the need to address the issues further, they can make an appointment with the Superintendent to review what the teacher and principal have discussed with them. The Superintendent may or may not intervene but each case is unique. 

Our schools value their parents and see you as partners in your child's education.  We want to make sure that all questions and concerns are handled timely and professionally. Please don't hesitate to speak with us about any questions or concerns you may have. 

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